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Volume 6 | Issue 6

Welcome to Volume 6 Issue 6 of North Texas Dentistry! The cover story highlights the importance of legal representation with dental experience. In “Money Matters” we show you the hidden secrets of merchant processing. This issue has articles in Practice Marketing, Leadership, Transitions and Management. Read Volume 6 Issue 6 Online

2016 Special Issue

Welcome to our 2016 Special Issue of North Texas Dentistry! Cover story highlights Dentistry’s journey of innovation and inspiration. Read 2016 Special Issue Online

Volume 6 | Issue 4

Welcome to Volume 6 Issue 4 of North Texas Dentistry! Cover story highlights how Preston Hallow Specialists team was built on a legacy of excellence. In “Money Matters” we go over why understanding your cash flow is essential to your dental practice. We go over what information you should protect and how you can protect them in “Legal […]

Volume 6 | Issue 3

Welcome to Volume 6 Issue 3 of North Texas Dentistry! Cover story highlights Oral Surgery Associates of North Texas’ experience and expertise. In “Practice Marketing” we go over the the acronym D.I.C.E., a marketing strategy without all the risk or gamble. We talk about the campaign to save Dental Health Arlington in “Community News” and in “Practice […]

Volume 6 | Issue 2

Welcome to Volume 6 Issue 2 of North Texas Dentistry! Cover story highlights saving smiles, money and time with Concert Dental Labs. In “Practice Marketing” we go over the three tips to help you get more reviews from your satisfied patients. We go over your investment portfolio’s tax-efficient management and your advisers’ tax-efficient teamwork in “Money Matters” […]

Volume 6 | Issue 1

Welcome to Volume 6 Issue 1 of North Texas Dentistry! Cover story highlights US Oxygen Supply: Putting Customers First. In “Money Matters” we go over how engaging in a year-round tax-wise investing can minimize your annual “pay-triotic duty”. See what Dental Health Arlington is doing to help our children “News and Notes” and in “Practice marketing” we go over […]